Should We Blame the Market ? or Admit that we’re just being selfish-ignorant


Market play a major role in allocating resources. How? By making people (you and me) to make a decision about what to buy in order to fulfill our needs. Knowing this concept combine with the generosity of digital-tech that create abundance of information, we ought to be able to make a wiser, smarter decision in deciding what stuff do we consume and what merchant.

That consumption behavior will be closely relate to a supply and demand concept. And that will affecting the future growth, normally it will be :

  1. Consumption that leads to high growth opportunity
  2. Consumption that leads to low growth opportunity

And the second one is bothering me. Without looking a statistical data, sometimes we feel a shortage of fundamental aspect of well-being, yet something that less fundamental (on in the other hand) is exploded. It’s everywhere and it’s one click-away from us. Why? Now it’s easy to make easy consumption goods for business, they supply us with the “Sweet Junk” and we consume, we allow this to happen.

The irony is by the fact that we’re living in an era that is the most generous than the other, with one-click away to create a better choice that won’t cost a social problem. we’re still facing the ignorant and selfishness issue.

Well the simple possible reason is it’s easy for the firm to make easy for us to consume and us (the consumer) are lazy enough to demand something better, something that benefiting not only our self, but also the society among us. Again, when it comes to consumer and producer behavior, we’re dealing with an allocation of resources. Choosing to let the supply curve filled with the “Sweet Junk” will make us having a shortage for a fundamental goods and services in the future.

It felt nice at the beginning, but with the concept of opportunity cost we are in a state of losing.We pay the price (a high cost by the way) by letting this consumption behavior to get growing and losing a chance to have a better well-being and equity for us and also for others.


What Missing in Digital Thing?

Is there any missing puzzle in this promising “Easier, faster, instant” Land

Syrian Refugee
Source : Amnesty International

We can see everywhere that digital-tech’s product grows rapidly and invasive, yet there’s only few that can leverage real value added for community and lift up our well-being in general. Another fact is digital companies is relentlessly expand and make their company grow, expanding their market. We accept it and CELEBRATE it together, we have our gratitude on that.

God Bless Digital-Tech. It creates job whether it is new type of job or not, creating new resource of revenue, in short it creates new promising phenomenon. However, the presence of value added, utilities generation is missing. We should take the another fact that Inclusive development or human empowerment are still remain our problem.

Somehow, sometimes it feels like people are more focus into “growing in numbers” but neglecting on the impact factors that people can truly benefit. What are the impact of all of these “mega digital things”? We can leave aside about the free flow information, and data that we really grateful we can leverage in this digital era. But, what about the “Taking-action” part?

Digital thing is also promising the ease to contribute (that’s the job of product department), to show up and share the idea. Spreading ideas and kindred spirit and not just hedonistic, consumerism concept of life, we’re pretty much familiar with that but we’re lacking of core value of development. Fundamental thing, thing about making changes, creating better environment, turning community into enabled institutions. Better education.

The consumption level is increasing for sure, we are exposed to abundance of goods and services along with “the ease to shop”, of course we make a buy, yet we are still struggling on the same old social, humanity problem. Maybe we, the native generation of technology can start to care a little about integrating this marvelous innovation into core aspect of development.

Can digital thing can create impact on leveling up people’s education, impact in solving our problem in institutional things, human empowerment. The answer is up upon us.


Declutter Yourself

stock-photo-computer-screen-concept-de-clutter-your-life-588372962I know that it’s becoming sort of a habit of people to set a goal in a new year, new month as a sign of new hope or to make a change in their life.Change. The manifesto that people still looking for and try to earn it.

I do not remember when do exactly it happened, but I don’t do new year resolution anymore. Sound’s depressed, but as I gain more resources and information I found another tools to strike to live a fully life on a consistent basis. I am dropping a “wishy washy” thing about “Ouw.. I wish..“, instead I am doing this decluttering method.

Decluttering is sort of a way or tools to re-organize the situation, decluttering your closset, your own kitchen. It means removing unnecessary items from our belongings then keep what necessary or even add new crucial items. What make it different to the wishy washy method is the Action Oriented path. This tools of development I said are healthier and actionable than making a “wish” that put us in pasive position to make a change. It put us in a driving position.

I exercise the decluttering method by the old school way, And here’s what I do while”sitting down in quite room”, myself :

  1. List Everything. Write down everything that I really want to accomplish that really Pop-Up in my head (without overthink)

  2. Stop And See. I stop after I start to write the same thing over the different term, like : Having a regular writing schedule with Write consistently everyday. When my celular brain start doing this, I knew that it means what I really want to be out from my gut is Out Already then I stop.

  3. Cut It Down. After see all the list that I made, I started scratching the things that I don’t really to fight this time. For example: I made a list to sign up for a Jazz Dancing Class, after asking it again to myself I know that I don’t really want to use all my capacity and sacrificing my time to commit to it then I’ll pass. *It’s an opportunity cost law in Economics.

The last step, I said is a little bit tricky because, yourself start to reject the idea to throw things away. But if you really determined to stand up to create change, commiting to less number of list is more make sense and actionable than bigh chunks of “To Do List”.

Another thing that is really make your decluttering turn into real change is to do the action of everything that has been out and be commited to it. Sometimes, put extra effort or pay some cash is work. I am talking to not afraid to loss your money to make an investment to yourself, like sign up to a workshop to experience the knowledge that you want earn. Or maybe, in my case rent a small studio appartment to just finish your writing.

People are always seeking to a fully, live, meaningful life. Make a decluttering can help us to draw a map to make us to tap into the knowing to where we want to go.

Hope you find this writing useful, and if it does. Please give feedback by giving like or a comment down there.

Keep fighting for your Dream and Share your developing thought and compassion to create a developing, comppasionate thoughtful society.


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It is very typical that we got into a big, fat, slimy “shield” that cover our thought and clarity to follow through our plan. Some people call it resistance, some people call it blockage or maybe we just need to admit that we are surrender with laziness, I call it the Slog Moment. Talking about follow through and keeping up is funky, yet necessary for us as an adult. This is a very serious discussion that most of people are reluctant to be bumped into, but like it or not this is part of our life, if we are committed to live the life that really matters for us.

Based on my experience, we can’t live without resistance, mind-blocking or hesitation, especially on the moment we try to attempt doing something that really matters and make a change for our well-being, unwanted things happened. It is and would always be like that, without exception. Considering that there’s no chance to win to fight those slog’s stuff, there is no other way to embrace and face it. Take it as part of our project but put it in a little box and carry it away along with us. With this understanding, I experience more ease to position myself every time the slog strike. In my case,  I take the time by giving myself permission to have a break to gather up all my energy and calibrate my machine, without judging myself. I can get back into my project with full of capacity and more awareness and clarity.

Two things that I do to Face The Slog Moment:

  1. Take the time – Invest Your Energy
    • After I hit a wall after doing a big project, I usually having this slog moment that will make me do nothing’s good. I found it really helpful to embracing the slog instead of pushing it away but I embrace it while use it as my compass, I really take this time to really invest all the good things to myself.I invest such a things like:  Good and nutritious food, real  good rest (not resting in front of TV *it’s important, otherwise you’ll end up watching TV and say good bye to your project), reading, surround yourself with your family or your support system.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect – Light Kicking
    • To make a good come-back to your “Project” after investing good stuffs on you, a light, little practice of your kicking-ass will make your slog break even better. If your project is writing your book, you can make your light try by make a try on journal, to oil your writing machine and your hand muscle. The point is give a try on little things will give you confidence on your real project, warm up. Like the proverb said “Practice Makes Perfect”.

Urban people are tend to do like “Push.. push, Keep Going No Matter What” to make it efficient by using theory that time is money and we can’t lose any second. Well, maybe it is work for some people (although I doubt that), I personally don’t go along with that theory, so I follow what works for me. Take a moment to just resting our mind after giving BIG effort will save me from being trapped in the slog, it allow me to gain back my productivity. There is similar concept with this Slog things, thanks to Economics :

In economics, we know the Law of Diminishing Return Concept, where we keep giving input, while the capacity to leverage the input is decreasing so the utilities that is hoped to create is diminished. It means the productivity has hit the maximum level and can not leverage any utilities so no matter how much input it receive, the result will have sloping down trend in other diminishing return.


After that actually I feel better about myself and more confident to get back on my project without causing any harm on the project that I am working on or the people that involved in it. This topic of slog and finishing stuff or follow through is an endless discussion, I , myself got helped a lot through book and personal development guru like Seth Godin, Marie ForleoYou can have a look on their wonderful project online or by clicking to their name that I mentioned.

That’s it from me today, thank you for stop by and read it. If you find it interesting please like and give your comment or your feedback.

P.S : I apologize to leave for a while to unexcused reason, I’ll try my best to keep posting once in a week

Mind and Thought Geek,




New Normal in This Digital Age, and How Being Polished is our new enemy

Okay, I have to make confession that I’ve been neglecting my own commitment. The devotion that I make to write every week and push my progress to create a writing was neglected. I bailed my own promise. It happened, but it gave me an interesting topic to be written.

The reason why I didn’t make it to complete my weekly writing is because I was attempted to make my writing to be beyond my is-ness capabilities, I wanted it to be Polished. And that was make sense, because we get a perception every day, at every corner that Be Polished is a new normal in this day. As if we have a common standard on creativity. At least that’s what I got.

I am curious, does another person think the same like I did. About what kinda age or era we are living at right now. I really want to know what’s on people head when TV and media talk about transformation of technology and innovation. I used to turn my cheek away about those geeky-gadget thing, but as time goes by, like any others, I change.

As my knowledge adding up through books, thesis research and many other resources, I found something interesting that slapped me right on the face. That how lucky we are to live in this digital era. What was pricey then is affordable now. In its article on Medium, World Bank Group bring up how internet can boost productivity and then take out barriers of doing business or embracing entrepreneurial path. The world bank article said something like this

If in the 1990’s an entrepreneur needed $2 million and months of work to develop a minimum viable prototype, today she would need less than $50,000 and six weeks of work. Source

Productivity, that’s what we can boost now, that’s our fortune, or something that people have not realized yet. That digital can bring people to be more productive, to have more output in the same amount of time. Create. This is how it supposed to be, more creative product, more value. So why shortage or limited outcome still be a problem now? Well, it simple when the resource is over there, we tend to not grab it, instead use it for unintended, not valuable things.

When it comes in the context of Be Polished, society perspective is also get biased by the pressure of curated things. It hinders people to producing due to fear of loss. And the fact is when it comes to digital, everything can be revise in a second. So be Polished is not relevant anymore. For example writing, if we post our first blog-post, it would never be as magnificent as Seth Godhin’s material, It would be suck. But, that’s why we keep producing our stuff, hence we can see the progress or maybe we can rewrite it or maybe really polish it.

So, holding back just because we are hesitant with our product, our song, our writing to be demolished by products that already exists before ours is not acceptable. We can’t make polishing stuff to be our barriers in producing, or doing our endeavour. Now, it’s up to us, to step forward and come to the arena or holding back.

The fortune, opportunity of many leverage of digital is there. It is our job to really put our perspective into it. And that’s the only way to grab the dividends of digital stuff, and building shared value.

The Digital Era. The new Normal.

Thank you for Reading.


Disappointment and Setback, and How should they be seen in Digital Age?

Today, we are living in an era of “Thrive is a must”. By we, I mean the youth, mid 20’s or what people generally called “Millennial”. There are a lot of people, myself included, tend to think that we have to keep pushing our self to our maximum boundaries and reach for a Thrive. Like a sprint competition, we’re all rushed to reach the finish line and be the “The Champ” as if our life is running competition. In that imaginary running competition, we must collect our medallion and be the greedy collector to legitimate that we are a truly dedicated fighter in this running competition. And, what if we lose? Not a few people drained, chose to be out of a game, throw out their running shoes and never came back. They chose to dismiss. Gone.

Well, that kinda metaphor is something that I chose to describe our current condition of society, at least for me. In this marvelous, magnificent, digital age where every barrier then become more available and less expensive, we are given an opportunity to develop and learn. This privilege could become an elusive way of thinking, when it is being seen in a different perspective. Long time ago, where you and I can share stories in this online platform, our ancestor try and work hard to establish something or create something.

Now, when most barriers are solved and opportunity s to be a “creator”, “artist” are lay out before us, we’re still got hesitation to grab its privilege. Why? In my case, the reason is disappointment or sometimes a slowdown growth that make me think of a setback situation. As someone that who’s no longer assumed as a “Kid”, I go to the sprint/running competition as well. I aimed my reaching high and then I hustle with all the gut that I have. But sometimes, when we attempt to do something that really appealing for us. Something that we feel passionately and we know we are going to make it, we choke, we’re not make it. Seems like failure or the truth is not reaching the high point that we wanted to reach.

But fortunately, as a personal development enthusiast, I got my clarity by another personal development guru. Seth Godin, yes that wise man really give impact in my way of thinking, point of view of seeing life. I am paraphrasing what he said. He said something that relate to education and how do people sees it to current life. We’re all taught and encouraged to become a straight “A” student and we get used to it then we come out to real life where it is not an easy “A”, if it is make sense to you, It really hit my brain when I read his book.

We’re all want and capable to be a Hustler, it is right and Great. But, the longer and the more valued problem that we attempt to solve or tackle à The harder the arena would be. That is for sure. Along the way, we try to solve things and creating valuable impact, sometimes we got obstacle that we can’t solve right that moment. We’re disappointed, experience a setback. But, we need to check our birth certificate, once again, if we witness that we’re not a 4 years old kid anymore, having some really difficult issue while attempting to solve an interesting problem is not FATAL. In the perspective of entrepreneur, we can’t see things like that. We got slow down and sometimes things do not goes as we planned, we take it and learn from it and then we go back again. And that’s how it goes.

Another thing that I take from more teacher of personal development, If we can’t pull up our self from an unfortunate situation, how can we pull up our business, our organization? We need to stand up and back again, and again. To really live and create and solve thing that only can be tackled by our own, special craft.

Enjoy this short reading and keep creating your special craft.



What is School For? Joy of Learning Variable

I am a book junkie and story lover. I think that phrase would stick on me till the day I die. Besides a book junkie, I also someone who can’t stop learning. I am a person who vow to keep learning (investing knowledge) till I fade away. Sounds so cheesy but it just happened like that. It is hard to explain the reason why, all I know is, I just kinda love the process of myself from not knowing into get in the know and then do something that bring value for someone else. Only in that way, I feel fulfillment, complete.

Curious on someone else’s opinion about my life aspiration, I tried to be “naked” about me and my learning’s vow. The result was quite surprising, interesting to be exact. There were a lot of people, including my friends, colleague, that define education or learning process as nothing but a tool to generate another tool of exchange, called money, or it is a tool to enter some big factory called an office that is full of obedient worker.

Something more even shocking to me, that turned out it was the way most of the people think, including academic member. Without considering what really matters.

As I said on the beginning of this article, I am a perpetual learner, I don’t see learning space, or learning process as something that stiff or terrifying. I thought that is just how we roll, I guessed that everyone sees it the same way. Well, imagine my surprise when people think that their education or learning process is sort of like a tools or requirement to fulfilled expectation of society. There is no joy of learning. And that process would stop right after people step out of their foot of school.

Facing that interesting fact, I am starting to wonder how could it possibly to be happened. My next finding bring me into some old answer. Fear. Some friends told me that, they want to go back to school after their undergraduate program so that they can get promoted and will have more money and less afraid to compare their life among others. Well, very practical answer but I am curious about what kind of program they want to follow and the answer is another surprise. They said, “Does not matter, as long as it got recognition than people will look up to me“.

I hope that anyone who reads my writing get my point. I did not see The Drive of Challenge from the answer of my people. Every one of them are moved by other people expectation to make sure that they are aligned, without taking a moment to reflect whether it is matters for them or not. There is no time for them to figure out what really matters for them, they are just don’t account this variable. But, I guessed that is not how should people think or act on this digital era.

There are a lot of transforming education nowadays that will serve our curiosity, sharpen up our creativity and then lead us into becoming a fulfilled human being that will serve more. I can have some back up from a lot of “Rock Star” nowadays like Seth Godin, Marie Forleo that speak upon new method of education or learning process and how we should not be afraid of being judged and not living our life based on other people’s expectation.

I said, that  we, human being will always seek for a meaningful life. And yes, education can act as a tool to deliver us to reach into that point. But our learning space would become too narrow and we are closing another options to see life, if we define learning process (education) is just a something to fulfill other people expectation. And that my friend, would cost us expensively, because it is matters, valuable in our long run. As my another Guru, Gary Vee said, Nothing Valuable comes Fast.

I do believe there are a lot of people who cares about our education system, and I hope I can involve and contribute. Someday.

P.S : Enjoy my writing, and please leave your comment below to see how can I improve. And also please check out people who I mentioned above, they are really an innovation in current age.