Becoming The Subject of Our Own History

Fighting The Ignorance — Challenging The Status Quo

Through history, we witness a diverse historical moments that pushing human life into a better way. The event where someone show up for what he believe, speak up and gathering compassion to fight the injustice that happen around him and his community will always become history. That kind of people, people who can’t stay still witnessing inequality, they become the voice of the voiceless. The warrior.

If Malcolm X did not speak up and stand up about the equal right of black people to defend them selves and gaining the same opportunity of education and other opportunity, maybe we can’t see the diversity of intellectual product or arts from black community. But it didn’t happen easily

A warrior shows up for what they believe, stand-up and being bold to fight the ignorance, they challenge the status quo. We can take a lot of example from previous courageous man who won’t let the society letting one community become better-off while the other becoming worsen-off. But through history as well, we know people like that were dealing with anguish and despair because it’s hard to challenge the status-quo, especially when the revolution will challenge people who has power (The Price Maker, The Monopolist)

So it is easier to let the injustice and the inequality as it is, as long as it doesn’t affected our life or our family’s life. It easier to become passive and being greedy for our self and community. Well, if it happen then I think it is fair enough to say that we’re not really different with a previous man before us that apparently has lot of difficulties to challenge the status-quo then it makes us less powerful, more ignorant than them.

When now, we are living a moment of life where we’re just one-click away to take action, yet we’re still doing the thing that only benefiting us or sometimes has no benefit at all. Just for fun.

Is it what we are? Someone who seek only for fun at the end of the day? Receiving money at the end of the month to spent it into more fun?

Having fun is good, earning money at the end of the month is good. But only and only if we’re not stay still when we look someone does not have the same opportunity just because they’re less unfortunate than us. By only realizing that concept, we can start putting meanings to our action to be more ethical in what we do to put value in our work.


Rock Bottom and Drive of Challenge

I am sure that every now and then or at least once, a situation called “Rock Bottom” happen to every one. By Every one, I mean, every single human being without exception. Meaning, that whether it is a situation of their life, their business or it might related to their health.There will be a time when people hit a certain point of their life that is inevitably will grind them out, crushed into “ashes”. Some of us call it a crisis situation. I prefer to call it hit a Rock Bottom.

Thankfully, We get well enough information about crisis. It was delivered often times through economic updates. It was told that when a particular country are experiencing deficit (more expense on resource than production output) by three period of time in a row, we call that country are having an economic crisis. In term of stage of life of a person, we can relate it into that theory by describing a situation that put them into the absence of “Growing” over and over again then it end up into an unfulfilled life. Life crisis.

The difference between economic crisis and human are the solver agent, the executor of problem solving. For a country, it would take experts and become policy maker area to solve. On the other hand for a Rock Bottom situation, it only take that particular person to solve it. The similarity between the two are sometimes crisis are the effect of some drive to take more action to grow. In a human nature, it is driven by The Drive of Challenge. The price that we have to pay for accepting the invitation for the drive of challenge.

So, if the drive of a challenge is an invitation. A rock bottom is an eviction from our current state of life. To BE OUT and embrace the new things. The new life to really come into our truth meaning of life. To a place that we are invited for.So for me, instead of whining and hiding into an unknown place, I think it is good to stand up and take this invitation and then go into the cave of uncertainty. For what ? To really complete our project.

As a personal development enthusiast, I always moved by the drive of challenge and a seek for a meaningful life. I am a kind of human being who will go into “My Cave”, turn on the candle and then make a vow to myself that I am going to really, truly ensure the life that I live is meaningful. Even, people call me crazy, gypsy or hopeless, I am going accept that I have ambitions and it might seems irrational. As Brandon Burchard said about “The Charged Life”, he mentioned that we are never get a charged life without the drive for challenge.

So, by that lecturer. I devote myself to be okay to hit a rock bottom. To be evicted from my current state of life and then climb another hill. Driven by the drive of challenge.

How do you think about that? I would love to know from you. What do you think about the charged life.

P.S : I also need input from you about how bad my writing does. Please leave your comment below.

Till the next writing then.


Are you being PRODUCTIVE or just being BUSY?

Hi there you Reader and Writing Junkies ….

On this Blog Post, I want to remind you guys to slow down a little bit, just to REFLECT on our path.

Do we stick on the right path or Do we really know WHY do we do the project/business we are struggling with right now?

This notion actually already came into myself a while ago, but it just struck me on the face recently due to some distraction that I got that kept me away from what I should be done. So here’s a few stories that I want to share with you guys, and some tips to tackle down this kindda situation.

The background story was about me in my final exam season. Supposed to be prior the day of test or deadline I should put a larger portion of my attention on my college’s stuff to prepare on my study, but again when we were in defining time of our life, the distraction came. And in my case the distraction was, an essay contest. That was a contest that offered the student like a very HOT experience to explore Dusseldorf, German. Like a monkey see a nuts, my mind went off from my focus and I got distracted by the contest. In short, I spent a lot of times just to think about “What should I write for that contest”.  I ended up being BUSY writing and editing about the content, and guess what it took me off of my PRODUCTIVITY should be because it is not what I am supposed to go. And I did not make it to submit the essay.

You probably think “Hey Dewi, there’s no faulty there, nothings special in your story”, hold it right there, friends. This is why I want to share and said that I got distracted and ended up just being BUSY instead of PRODUCTIVE.

First, I never wanted to go to Dusseldorf, although maybe I want to go there sometime. Second, although it is a promising opportunity but it is not really what I want. I already set my attention into economics, hence I take it very serious to go to my graduate program and “I got off from the jet before it got landed”, I should stand still till the end but I let myself being distracted.

So here’s a few recap for you guys, if you ever found a situation like me where you unconsciously end up in a situation that really consumes your energy, time and brain (your resource) but you don’t know why exactly you’re doing it.

Here’s a few hints that indicate that you’re just being BUSY

*If it is just your personal project

  1. You went crazy and your energy level spikes but instead of built you up the activity is making you overwhelmed
  2. You kept scratching down the coming up idea and it is like a never ending job
  3. When you close your eyes, and being honest to you inner guiding system and ask
  • If I don’t finish this project what would I become?
  • If I finish this project, would it be matters for my personal development
  • Is it important for my soul? Would it fulfill me?

And then if some of those answer was “Mmm Yeaaah, not really” and then you might be able to give yourself a question, why did I do this in the first place and at that point you can constantly make decision is it the right thing to do, are you getting yourself closer to the point that you want to be.

If the answer is yes then congratulation, you are being productive but if you’re hesitate and your inner system whisper that you don’t really need it and it just a sensation of chasing the gold then you’re just trapped in being busy.

So, you’re out there being productive is one of the key that we want to achieve to reach our potential and live the life to the fullest. But be careful, it is necessary to constantly check whether we are being productive or we’re just being busy.

Have a nice Sunday everyone, I wish you nothing but a FULL OF PEACE.