Dear Ones out there…

I am just another being who happened to love writing, stories and notion that delivered through this universe and any other being. I take myself, with full awareness, deliberately claim “ME”, as a “Story Teller“. I create stories in my own head whenever I see an incidents that resonates me that I got from the views, another human being or just motion of society that comes to me, all that come in a serendipity way.

Through times and pain, I am growing into one particular being that could sense and feel the vibe of life. I translate motion into stories, take bad language or mishap into something that I could digest and learn from it.

Discovering myself is my job right now, writing is something that I decided and devoted to be my vocation. I love life as much as I am willing to be wounded if I followed its calling. And I learnt that following your curiosity is much worth and prescious rather than trying to reach a perfection.

So here I am, trying to share with you the stories and scratch of writing to you out there. Not only for sharing my point of view but also to help me comprehend the truth.

For anyone who still learning to discover themselves.

– D.F.A-




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