About The Resilience — Push Through Force

Push it through, even when you don’t want to

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In contrary, it’s HARD, PAINFUL, SUFFOCATING experience. Silence Scream. That is the moment, we would encountered when we committed to our “Craft” and do something to make it happen. Because nothing’s remarkable comes in summer air breeze, an ice cream maybe, something that matter? probably not.

We know about the good slogan we grew up with, about people empowerment, even we sing about that. Remember the Playful lyrics, yet VERY POWERFUL that comes from The King (Of Pop)? About “Make A Change” and “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, well it is not just an ear-biscuit if you’re willing to drill deeper. It’s a fact of how a mastery of art was born, it requires whole energy and willingness to rush into the uncertainty and don’t stop till we really push it through, to be resilient.

In this very day, we can have an abundance of information and lesson-learnt from all over the world. The connection revolution has overcame the asymmetric-information problem.

Now the door is opened for us, to find what we want, what we like and also a place to whining. Like two side of knives, the connection revolution bring us two options (1) Options to use it as a chance to lead, to build a tribe and solve common problem with common solution, or (2) to have an endless scroll and then whining, summed-up with trying to look like someone we don’t know.

Social-media grooming brings fun of course, with the endless options of good pictures in one swipe-away. But with the law of opportunity-cost, we can’t have all at one time, so when we chose to spend our most valuable resources (TIME), with scrolling that brings no value to us, we are losing another options that might bring us to the next level of our self, our personal growth.

Now, how can the scrolling, social grooming activities relates to resilience? I hope we realize that we tend to chose an easy way to “Escape” to our stress-free place, now to be able to escape is so easy with one click. When we really pushing our self to make our art, work scale-up or finishing project that we’ve been dreaming off, we got blockage with the hardship and pain.

But instead of push it through, we chose our easy-button to press it and goes into stress-free zone to fly and feel good about our self. Guess what? that feeling good sensation is a short-term, once we got back the problem is still exists and our pain for unleashing our TRUE ART is replaced by the pain of being empty of soul of creation. I guess when it comes to our personal development about to feel good about our self there can’t be an easy-button.

We need to rush into what painful for us, because on that direction transformation will come. — Inspired by Glennon Doyle Melton

This writing is dedicated for every one that having turmoil, facing uncertainty and challenging the status quo in their achieving journey, to do something that matters.

I hope it’s insightful



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