Welcome to the Connection Economy The New Normal — The Age of Generosity

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Credit for Image From : Here Are 7 Ways Women Can Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

The rising of connection economy is unquestionably laid upon us. It opens us a new phenomenon about new things, something that we haven’t heard of before, something remarkable. So what Connection Economy really is? There are a lot of people using its product or services of sharing economy or being inside that environment, yet they’re not aware of it.

For those of you, including myself, that have been yearning of change, change for the better and have been putting desire for the existence of “tools” that will empower us to make our art, to create change that we seek for. I want to help to uncover the very possibility to this new normal, how and why it can replace the “Price Maker”, the industrialist.

The Industrial Age

Previously, goods and services are provided by a economic agent that we’ve known as a Supplier/Producer. They are the long-established firms that have been spending their capital on the production cost to make to production happened and then deliver the goods and services. That’s how the cycle of the market, how the value distributed. Now, with the typical industrialist thing, due to its high cost of production, they need to make its inflow-outflow capital as efficient as it might be. How they gonna do it? By massive production, creating more goods as supply and have the price goes down and also have an efficient wages for the worker.

Maximizing output, maximizing productivity. And when it comes to productivity, it means how much their worker can produce per hour. The more production its labor produce per hour → the more productive they are → The more profit. And the cycle is also being done by disrupting consumer. How? By teaching consumer to consume and that’s how it creates the wheel.

Of course nothing’s wrong with pushing productivity, that’s how our parents, our ancestor can earn a living. But the wheel and the greediness of industrial subliminally is also grinding another aspect of our humanity essence. Without our consent it corrupt our essence of human to share, to give to embracing our culture. Or, if we do realize about what’s happening, We do not have that much choice. We need goods and services to live → Here they comes as a single, powerful provider. And for years, Industrialist has been ruled the market, but will it last forever?

For the sake of productivity, it replaces something that we value, human connection. It is replaced by an AUTOMATION. At first, it is convenient but be ready to be surrounded of the vacuum of spirit, be ready for the shortage of compassion.

The Connection Economy

Now, Thank God, that times is finally over. The moment that put us, as the consumer to have least power to chose, to become a price taker or got nothing to do for the bad services is OVER. Now, with revolution of connectivity, someone, some one with keen eyes see another opportunity but now, they are different from the industrialist. Instead of putting people as the taker, they put us as something more powerful.

It gives us the opportunity, the platform for sharing, connect in the real problem we have. I am talking about Airbnb, Google, Udemy, all the platform that provide us to do something that we’ve been yearning of, yet is blockage because we have few choice.

That is generosity, to give, to provide. The new problem is, do we realize that it emphasizing the generous aspect, because if we don’t we use it as a tools for the opposite function it can leverage. We use our digital connection to : looked like someone else, to manipulate, to whine.

Is it really who we are as the new society?

I hope it gives a glimpse of insight. And there’s nothing I can write about this, if not inspired by my virtual teacher Seth Godin.



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