We’re Not Only Have One Road Map

Haydn Shaughnessy, Forbes, Creative Economy

Embracing New Normal, New Economy, Creative Economy

It is too narrow to see that Google is not producing goods or services as a company”, that argument comes from one of economist in a discussion of creative economy to another one that speculate about digital solution. The critics said that nowadays, business start to shift into a practice of rent-seeking as opposed to producing. That notion is based on the fact that google or any other digital services use their user to generates content, that makes the user become their labor.

Is it wrong? Is it right? Well, everybody has their own opinion about this. In economy, we care about allocation of resources and one of the main focus of allocation is about producing goods or services through market. Industrial thing. Industrial age has won a place to allocate goods to people for the whole time, until internet things happened. It changes everything, it also disrupt the road, the flow that’d been exists forever.

Since then, we’re not only have one road map of life anymore

What Google does is indeed not creating goods machine factory, or a services like what call center does. Digital thing, successful and impactful one, create concept or ideas that makes people live an easier live. It allow us to make a smarter wiser buying decision that we might can not do before. It provides solution for us that need to find information to make decision, through the algorithm they have. The fact that people gravitate towards Google is the fact that Google gains people trust. And that what we call creative economy.

Long time ago, not everyone has means of production, not every one has capital to build factory. That kind of people became a worker, a labor, cheap and had weak bargaining power. All of that substance that stick to labor made them had no much choices to take, that’s why they must comply. Obedient.

My favorite Teacher and Thought Leader, Seth Godin says that kind of people are “Obedient Worker”. Industrial concept make people who has capital (land, money or machine) become the boss, while people who have no such fortune become a cock, a small part of machine that needs only to do what they told to and obey the instructions.

Since the birth of the world wide web and an evolution of Internet, Google and Facebook, etc. That old rules of Industrialization is broken, a new opportunity for people to show up and grab the privilege of a New Means of Production came. And that is digital connection. Now with only around $500, people can buy a laptop and connect to the internet to publish their own writing, to create a movement. We need less resource and more options now than ever before.

Welcome to the connection economy, the new economy, the time where we have abundance of resources, cheaper means of production and information that available for us to allow us to do the thing we’ve been yearning to do. Now the remaining question is do we chose to allow what’s in it in us to be unleashed and make our self becoming the means of our genius to do its work.

If not, if we not grabbing this gift to do something that matters, to contribute to community, to be matters. Then what’s the reason?

I hope you like the message, please leave feedback if it’s resonate with you.

Build collective compassion society.



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