Through The Lens of A Wise Man

Tariq Ramadhan on Reconciliation of Spirituality, Religion and Ethics

Living in very fast paced moment of life often times used to make me like having lack of sense of humanity. Over and over, I felt as someone who corrupted at the very soul level which hinder me to tap into the sense of generosity, humble and RESPECT and more importantly the meaning of life.

As one of the “Y” generation or some people call Millennial, I proclaim myself as part of generation who’s considered as a “Tech-Savy”, Lazy, Complex, incapable of commitment, yet eager to find meanings in life. I am not positioning myself to agree or disagree on the definition of millennial, but I am very concern on the last part.

Find Meanings of Your Life. Concise, yet very strong and powerful affirmation.

I spent a lot of time of my recent adulthood life to strive for seeking meaning in my life. I started by questioning the reason of my existence here on the earth, asking the meaning of my job, the prolonged injustice that led to be going-on and on and also “What-is-it-for” question for almost every existences on earth. Later on, I realized that I was seeking the purpose of my life.

Like any other person who got a phase of a “seeker”, I drag my self into a spiritual journey. And did you realized that I said “Spiritual”, not Religion. Yes, that’s what I did when I witnessed injustice being performed and undertaken disrespect action by people who’s considered religious. Hence I repel religious ritual, I walked on the path of spirituality that I thought the purest thing on human soul. That’s the first time I met meditation and all of Yoga thing.

I found the tremendous of benefit and peaceful sensation in myself on my first attempt to become a “Spiritual — Human Being”. I took meditation every morning and contemplated during the night. It was nice but it did not last. Not for me. The emptiness, anxiety and depressed hit me again, put me in the same position that I had before. By that time, I was pretty devastating. I started doubting the spiritual concept to gain peace and wisdom. And that’s also the time when I got back to the religious concept.

The concept of making a habitual activity ( routine, ritual) that discipline myself, push me to keep on track to the altruism essence of human being. Recently, I found a beautiful lecture from one of the wisest, smartest thinker in the world, Tariq Ramadhan that teach people about the concept of reconciliation of three most important aspect of life to gain the essence of living as human in civilization.

Spirituality, Religion and Ethics. Three components that must not separated to gain the stage of life understanding that we want. On that lecture, He said that spirituality is all about knowing our self and understand about us as living-being. Meanwhile, religion is something that bind Human-Being to becoming not fair for themselves, it limits our action for our own sake. The last points is ethic, it is about putting meanings in our life.

My believe system is calibrated after watching the lecture. On that very moment, I realize that we need all of that three to derive the essence of our humanity. That’s makes me realize to have an understanding for each other, to have trust and live hand in hand to build society.

Becoming more resilient when the uncertainty happen but courageous enough to stand-upon the voiceless and the undignified human-being.

That’s one of my favorite teds-talk session. I hope you like the message.

Build collective compassion society.



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