Becoming The Subject of Our Own History

Fighting The Ignorance — Challenging The Status Quo

Through history, we witness a diverse historical moments that pushing human life into a better way. The event where someone show up for what he believe, speak up and gathering compassion to fight the injustice that happen around him and his community will always become history. That kind of people, people who can’t stay still witnessing inequality, they become the voice of the voiceless. The warrior.

If Malcolm X did not speak up and stand up about the equal right of black people to defend them selves and gaining the same opportunity of education and other opportunity, maybe we can’t see the diversity of intellectual product or arts from black community. But it didn’t happen easily

A warrior shows up for what they believe, stand-up and being bold to fight the ignorance, they challenge the status quo. We can take a lot of example from previous courageous man who won’t let the society letting one community become better-off while the other becoming worsen-off. But through history as well, we know people like that were dealing with anguish and despair because it’s hard to challenge the status-quo, especially when the revolution will challenge people who has power (The Price Maker, The Monopolist)

So it is easier to let the injustice and the inequality as it is, as long as it doesn’t affected our life or our family’s life. It easier to become passive and being greedy for our self and community. Well, if it happen then I think it is fair enough to say that we’re not really different with a previous man before us that apparently has lot of difficulties to challenge the status-quo then it makes us less powerful, more ignorant than them.

When now, we are living a moment of life where we’re just one-click away to take action, yet we’re still doing the thing that only benefiting us or sometimes has no benefit at all. Just for fun.

Is it what we are? Someone who seek only for fun at the end of the day? Receiving money at the end of the month to spent it into more fun?

Having fun is good, earning money at the end of the month is good. But only and only if we’re not stay still when we look someone does not have the same opportunity just because they’re less unfortunate than us. By only realizing that concept, we can start putting meanings to our action to be more ethical in what we do to put value in our work.


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