Should We Blame the Market ? or Admit that we’re just being selfish-ignorant


Market play a major role in allocating resources. How? By making people (you and me) to make a decision about what to buy in order to fulfill our needs. Knowing this concept combine with the generosity of digital-tech that create abundance of information, we ought to be able to make a wiser, smarter decision in deciding what stuff do we consume and what merchant.

That consumption behavior will be closely relate to a supply and demand concept. And that will affecting the future growth, normally it will be :

  1. Consumption that leads to high growth opportunity
  2. Consumption that leads to low growth opportunity

And the second one is bothering me. Without looking a statistical data, sometimes we feel a shortage of fundamental aspect of well-being, yet something that less fundamental (on in the other hand) is exploded. It’s everywhere and it’s one click-away from us. Why? Now it’s easy to make easy consumption goods for business, they supply us with the “Sweet Junk” and we consume, we allow this to happen.

The irony is by the fact that we’re living in an era that is the most generous than the other, with one-click away to create a better choice that won’t cost a social problem. we’re still facing the ignorant and selfishness issue.

Well the simple possible reason is it’s easy for the firm to make easy for us to consume and us (the consumer) are lazy enough to demand something better, something that benefiting not only our self, but also the society among us. Again, when it comes to consumer and producer behavior, we’re dealing with an allocation of resources. Choosing to let the supply curve filled with the “Sweet Junk” will make us having a shortage for a fundamental goods and services in the future.

It felt nice at the beginning, but with the concept of opportunity cost we are in a state of losing.We pay the price (a high cost by the way) by letting this consumption behavior to get growing and losing a chance to have a better well-being and equity for us and also for others.


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