What Missing in Digital Thing?

Is there any missing puzzle in this promising “Easier, faster, instant” Land

Syrian Refugee
Source : Amnesty International

We can see everywhere that digital-tech’s product grows rapidly and invasive, yet there’s only few that can leverage real value added for community and lift up our well-being in general. Another fact is digital companies is relentlessly expand and make their company grow, expanding their market. We accept it and CELEBRATE it together, we have our gratitude on that.

God Bless Digital-Tech. It creates job whether it is new type of job or not, creating new resource of revenue, in short it creates new promising phenomenon. However, the presence of value added, utilities generation is missing. We should take the another fact that Inclusive development or human empowerment are still remain our problem.

Somehow, sometimes it feels like people are more focus into “growing in numbers” but neglecting on the impact factors that people can truly benefit. What are the impact of all of these “mega digital things”? We can leave aside about the free flow information, and data that we really grateful we can leverage in this digital era. But, what about the “Taking-action” part?

Digital thing is also promising the ease to contribute (that’s the job of product department), to show up and share the idea. Spreading ideas and kindred spirit and not just hedonistic, consumerism concept of life, we’re pretty much familiar with that but we’re lacking of core value of development. Fundamental thing, thing about making changes, creating better environment, turning community into enabled institutions. Better education.

The consumption level is increasing for sure, we are exposed to abundance of goods and services along with “the ease to shop”, of course we make a buy, yet we are still struggling on the same old social, humanity problem. Maybe we, the native generation of technology can start to care a little about integrating this marvelous innovation into core aspect of development.

Can digital thing can create impact on leveling up people’s education, impact in solving our problem in institutional things, human empowerment. The answer is up upon us.



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