Declutter Yourself

stock-photo-computer-screen-concept-de-clutter-your-life-588372962I know that it’s becoming sort of a habit of people to set a goal in a new year, new month as a sign of new hope or to make a change in their life.Change. The manifesto that people still looking for and try to earn it.

I do not remember when do exactly it happened, but I don’t do new year resolution anymore. Sound’s depressed, but as I gain more resources and information I found another tools to strike to live a fully life on a consistent basis. I am dropping a “wishy washy” thing about “Ouw.. I wish..“, instead I am doing this decluttering method.

Decluttering is sort of a way or tools to re-organize the situation, decluttering your closset, your own kitchen. It means removing unnecessary items from our belongings then keep what necessary or even add new crucial items. What make it different to the wishy washy method is the Action Oriented path. This tools of development I said are healthier and actionable than making a “wish” that put us in pasive position to make a change. It put us in a driving position.

I exercise the decluttering method by the old school way, And here’s what I do while”sitting down in quite room”, myself :

  1. List Everything. Write down everything that I really want to accomplish that really Pop-Up in my head (without overthink)

  2. Stop And See. I stop after I start to write the same thing over the different term, like : Having a regular writing schedule with Write consistently everyday. When my celular brain start doing this, I knew that it means what I really want to be out from my gut is Out Already then I stop.

  3. Cut It Down. After see all the list that I made, I started scratching the things that I don’t really to fight this time. For example: I made a list to sign up for a Jazz Dancing Class, after asking it again to myself I know that I don’t really want to use all my capacity and sacrificing my time to commit to it then I’ll pass. *It’s an opportunity cost law in Economics.

The last step, I said is a little bit tricky because, yourself start to reject the idea to throw things away. But if you really determined to stand up to create change, commiting to less number of list is more make sense and actionable than bigh chunks of “To Do List”.

Another thing that is really make your decluttering turn into real change is to do the action of everything that has been out and be commited to it. Sometimes, put extra effort or pay some cash is work. I am talking to not afraid to loss your money to make an investment to yourself, like sign up to a workshop to experience the knowledge that you want earn. Or maybe, in my case rent a small studio appartment to just finish your writing.

People are always seeking to a fully, live, meaningful life. Make a decluttering can help us to draw a map to make us to tap into the knowing to where we want to go.

Hope you find this writing useful, and if it does. Please give feedback by giving like or a comment down there.

Keep fighting for your Dream and Share your developing thought and compassion to create a developing, comppasionate thoughtful society.


p.s : The picture is belong to the website shutterstock.






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