It is very typical that we got into a big, fat, slimy “shield” that cover our thought and clarity to follow through our plan. Some people call it resistance, some people call it blockage or maybe we just need to admit that we are surrender with laziness, I call it the Slog Moment. Talking about follow through and keeping up is funky, yet necessary for us as an adult. This is a very serious discussion that most of people are reluctant to be bumped into, but like it or not this is part of our life, if we are committed to live the life that really matters for us.

Based on my experience, we can’t live without resistance, mind-blocking or hesitation, especially on the moment we try to attempt doing something that really matters and make a change for our well-being, unwanted things happened. It is and would always be like that, without exception. Considering that there’s no chance to win to fight those slog’s stuff, there is no other way to embrace and face it. Take it as part of our project but put it in a little box and carry it away along with us. With this understanding, I experience more ease to position myself every time the slog strike. In my case,  I take the time by giving myself permission to have a break to gather up all my energy and calibrate my machine, without judging myself. I can get back into my project with full of capacity and more awareness and clarity.

Two things that I do to Face The Slog Moment:

  1. Take the time – Invest Your Energy
    • After I hit a wall after doing a big project, I usually having this slog moment that will make me do nothing’s good. I found it really helpful to embracing the slog instead of pushing it away but I embrace it while use it as my compass, I really take this time to really invest all the good things to myself.I invest such a things like:  Good and nutritious food, real  good rest (not resting in front of TV *it’s important, otherwise you’ll end up watching TV and say good bye to your project), reading, surround yourself with your family or your support system.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect – Light Kicking
    • To make a good come-back to your “Project” after investing good stuffs on you, a light, little practice of your kicking-ass will make your slog break even better. If your project is writing your book, you can make your light try by make a try on journal, to oil your writing machine and your hand muscle. The point is give a try on little things will give you confidence on your real project, warm up. Like the proverb said “Practice Makes Perfect”.

Urban people are tend to do like “Push.. push, Keep Going No Matter What” to make it efficient by using theory that time is money and we can’t lose any second. Well, maybe it is work for some people (although I doubt that), I personally don’t go along with that theory, so I follow what works for me. Take a moment to just resting our mind after giving BIG effort will save me from being trapped in the slog, it allow me to gain back my productivity. There is similar concept with this Slog things, thanks to Economics :

In economics, we know the Law of Diminishing Return Concept, where we keep giving input, while the capacity to leverage the input is decreasing so the utilities that is hoped to create is diminished. It means the productivity has hit the maximum level and can not leverage any utilities so no matter how much input it receive, the result will have sloping down trend in other diminishing return.


After that actually I feel better about myself and more confident to get back on my project without causing any harm on the project that I am working on or the people that involved in it. This topic of slog and finishing stuff or follow through is an endless discussion, I , myself got helped a lot through book and personal development guru like Seth Godin, Marie ForleoYou can have a look on their wonderful project online or by clicking to their name that I mentioned.

That’s it from me today, thank you for stop by and read it. If you find it interesting please like and give your comment or your feedback.

P.S : I apologize to leave for a while to unexcused reason, I’ll try my best to keep posting once in a week

Mind and Thought Geek,





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