New Normal in This Digital Age, and How Being Polished is our new enemy

Okay, I have to make confession that I’ve been neglecting my own commitment. The devotion that I make to write every week and push my progress to create a writing was neglected. I bailed my own promise. It happened, but it gave me an interesting topic to be written.

The reason why I didn’t make it to complete my weekly writing is because I was attempted to make my writing to be beyond my is-ness capabilities, I wanted it to be Polished. And that was make sense, because we get a perception every day, at every corner that Be Polished is a new normal in this day. As if we have a common standard on creativity. At least that’s what I got.

I am curious, does another person think the same like I did. About what kinda age or era we are living at right now. I really want to know what’s on people head when TV and media talk about transformation of technology and innovation. I used to turn my cheek away about those geeky-gadget thing, but as time goes by, like any others, I change.

As my knowledge adding up through books, thesis research and many other resources, I found something interesting that slapped me right on the face. That how lucky we are to live in this digital era. What was pricey then is affordable now. In its article on Medium, World Bank Group bring up how internet can boost productivity and then take out barriers of doing business or embracing entrepreneurial path. The world bank article said something like this

If in the 1990’s an entrepreneur needed $2 million and months of work to develop a minimum viable prototype, today she would need less than $50,000 and six weeks of work. Source

Productivity, that’s what we can boost now, that’s our fortune, or something that people have not realized yet. That digital can bring people to be more productive, to have more output in the same amount of time. Create. This is how it supposed to be, more creative product, more value. So why shortage or limited outcome still be a problem now? Well, it simple when the resource is over there, we tend to not grab it, instead use it for unintended, not valuable things.

When it comes in the context of Be Polished, society perspective is also get biased by the pressure of curated things. It hinders people to producing due to fear of loss. And the fact is when it comes to digital, everything can be revise in a second. So be Polished is not relevant anymore. For example writing, if we post our first blog-post, it would never be as magnificent as Seth Godhin’s material, It would be suck. But, that’s why we keep producing our stuff, hence we can see the progress or maybe we can rewrite it or maybe really polish it.

So, holding back just because we are hesitant with our product, our song, our writing to be demolished by products that already exists before ours is not acceptable. We can’t make polishing stuff to be our barriers in producing, or doing our endeavour. Now, it’s up to us, to step forward and come to the arena or holding back.

The fortune, opportunity of many leverage of digital is there. It is our job to really put our perspective into it. And that’s the only way to grab the dividends of digital stuff, and building shared value.

The Digital Era. The new Normal.

Thank you for Reading.



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