Disappointment and Setback, and How should they be seen in Digital Age?

Today, we are living in an era of “Thrive is a must”. By we, I mean the youth, mid 20’s or what people generally called “Millennial”. There are a lot of people, myself included, tend to think that we have to keep pushing our self to our maximum boundaries and reach for a Thrive. Like a sprint competition, we’re all rushed to reach the finish line and be the “The Champ” as if our life is running competition. In that imaginary running competition, we must collect our medallion and be the greedy collector to legitimate that we are a truly dedicated fighter in this running competition. And, what if we lose? Not a few people drained, chose to be out of a game, throw out their running shoes and never came back. They chose to dismiss. Gone.

Well, that kinda metaphor is something that I chose to describe our current condition of society, at least for me. In this marvelous, magnificent, digital age where every barrier then become more available and less expensive, we are given an opportunity to develop and learn. This privilege could become an elusive way of thinking, when it is being seen in a different perspective. Long time ago, where you and I can share stories in this online platform, our ancestor try and work hard to establish something or create something.

Now, when most barriers are solved and opportunity s to be a “creator”, “artist” are lay out before us, we’re still got hesitation to grab its privilege. Why? In my case, the reason is disappointment or sometimes a slowdown growth that make me think of a setback situation. As someone that who’s no longer assumed as a “Kid”, I go to the sprint/running competition as well. I aimed my reaching high and then I hustle with all the gut that I have. But sometimes, when we attempt to do something that really appealing for us. Something that we feel passionately and we know we are going to make it, we choke, we’re not make it. Seems like failure or the truth is not reaching the high point that we wanted to reach.

But fortunately, as a personal development enthusiast, I got my clarity by another personal development guru. Seth Godin, yes that wise man really give impact in my way of thinking, point of view of seeing life. I am paraphrasing what he said. He said something that relate to education and how do people sees it to current life. We’re all taught and encouraged to become a straight “A” student and we get used to it then we come out to real life where it is not an easy “A”, if it is make sense to you, It really hit my brain when I read his book.

We’re all want and capable to be a Hustler, it is right and Great. But, the longer and the more valued problem that we attempt to solve or tackle à The harder the arena would be. That is for sure. Along the way, we try to solve things and creating valuable impact, sometimes we got obstacle that we can’t solve right that moment. We’re disappointed, experience a setback. But, we need to check our birth certificate, once again, if we witness that we’re not a 4 years old kid anymore, having some really difficult issue while attempting to solve an interesting problem is not FATAL. In the perspective of entrepreneur, we can’t see things like that. We got slow down and sometimes things do not goes as we planned, we take it and learn from it and then we go back again. And that’s how it goes.

Another thing that I take from more teacher of personal development, If we can’t pull up our self from an unfortunate situation, how can we pull up our business, our organization? We need to stand up and back again, and again. To really live and create and solve thing that only can be tackled by our own, special craft.

Enjoy this short reading and keep creating your special craft.




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