Blockage and Commitment, Development and Growth

I promise myself to write no matter how. So here I am, writing expressing myself to tap into creative side in my brain. As a personal development enthusiast, I actually want to dedicate my writing for personal development and personal growth. But just like any other creative endeavor, artist, at least that what I call myself now. I am struck by blockage. But what’s the point of this digital revolution, if I still make an excuse right?

So, I decided to keep my promise by showing up even though I do not have any proper content about personal development or productivity topic to be told. I got blocked, *mined constipation I said. Speaking about development, I just knew that development and growth is two different words that most people defined as the same often times but actually have different meaning and sometimes got mixed up together.

So here we are uncovering the real meaning or definition of those two famous words.

Growth, Something that has an increasing value that can be counted, for example : profit, height, GDP.

The application of word, growth is more exact and accountable, hence it shows some number and it has to be countable. So, for calculating profit and loss  we use growth indicator. The country is having a slow growth, indicated by the decrease of its GDP

Development, Encompasses many things but it is shown by the qualitative improvement of circumstances.

The application of ,development is broader and intangible. For example, if we say that a country is passed its development stage, it covers whole aspects, including social and cultural economi. The whole dimention are involved when people talked about development, not only economic. In that way, it should experience some growth on some points. And development is about long term and bigger and deeper impact.

I take this concept in personal development like this. If we allow our self to just be open up with a greater possibility, we are going to enter a development stage of our life that might affecting some growth to some aspects. But the price of that is “expensive”, it involvoes the price of change and uncertainty to reach a greater good.

But after all, that what’s make it worth.

Thanks for reading, leave your comment below to show whether you like it or how can I improve.

P.S : I recently following this “Guru”, Gary Vaynerychuck, Check him out. He is very inspirational.

Reference : udemy blog




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