Saturday and How it relates to Our Productivity

For most people Saturday is the day of freedom. It is the day where people are free to hangouts with their loved-ones or just chill and relax by them selves. As part of an ordinary human being, I do “in-different” thing than many other people, I take my Sacred Saturday too, the one that might make it different is I spent it in a library or behind the desk in a cafe to write. The free day is the day to do activity that we love. It is not only important to our physical health but also mental health. I take it as an re-charged phase of our life to be back into our routine and also become more productive.

Speaking about Productivity, it leads us to dig again into economics book. In economy, productivity is defined as “How much people can output in a limited time and resources that we got”. If we take a look into that theory, really with our awareness, we can see that we have finite times and resources to create or produce something, to be productive. With productivity theory, I can dig more into an opportunity cost theory. In that theory, it is said that to be able to be productive on something we would lost an opportunity to produce or create another thing. So, it could be inferred that in order to gain something we must give up another thing. I say it as an alarm to greedy part of human being.

So, we already learnt two theory today. One it is about productivity theory and second about the opportunity cost. You might wonder why I talk about this and how it relates to Saturday. I am saying the correlation between those twos things are very close. I hope you you read my article from the top, that I talk about ordinary people. By ordinary, I mean most of us need to work to get tools of exchange called currency to pay our bills and support our daily life. So when most people are committing to our job, we are losing our time and resources (by resources, I mean energy and thought) to commit to another aspect of our life.

We lost our time with our family, suppressing our dream to do something in order to show up from 9 – 5 in an office space. What I just said to you might seems provoking and immature, but stay with me. There is nothing wrong with a day job and do some routine activity to bring food to your table and feed your little ones. It is a dignified thing to sacrifice something and stand up for others as an adult human being. But, BIG BUT, we don’t need to lose hope to keep feeding our soul and engage to our endeavor to still lid the flame of our dream. How ? by being committed in the day where every one agree it is a FREE day. “Ding ding ding….“, yes that day is Saturday.

To honor our endeavor (LONG TERM VISION), we don’t need to “burn the bridge” (by bridge, I mean leave our 9-5 job that play as our temporary safety net). In fact, keeping a job that we can have could be a healthy balance for us. My favorite author, Elizabeth Gilbert, said that she kept her daily job whilst she still committing into their writing, and that’s one of key factor that kept her creativity be risen up. That’s how see the correlation between Saturday and Productivity. It is a momentum for us, “The deep thinker”, “Creative artist”, “Unicorn”, you name it, to commit to our creative stage of thinking and create, produce something. It could be your book, your song, or staking up a business model. Who knows.

By honoring our creative side, it is not just fulfilling our productive concept that align with our dream. The left-over happiness after creative activity would remain for seven days ahead make us productive in our office :). It is not only beneficial for us, but also the institution we work for. By describing this very simple logic and concept, I am still wondering why there are still few people (adult ones) that see Saturday as the productivity charging day. How many people let their Saturday flew away by wandering around at the mall or committing into hibernation, or stuffed junk food to their stomach and then get back to sleep after that. End up with an easy happiness.

But, I am an optimistic person. I do believe in the good. I have faith that it is us, the smart-generous generation that grow up in this generous time in digital revolution. To shout out this idea of Productive-Saturday, hence everyone can tap into their unique idea that this world need. Like another living Hero that I love, Seth Godin, “There are no any other era that bring advantage to artist (creative) people than Now“. I am paraphrasing what he said, he taught us that, in this most free resource and cheap price we need to pay to get information, it is VERY WASTED, if we are not grabbing this opportunity.

 So, before we wrap up, I hope you do some creative things this Saturday. whether it is end up messy or not. I hope you learnt some foreign language or learnt new knowledge that you’ve been dreaming of or walk with your Dad/parents in a country side. I hope it is fulfilling your soul.

Because Now, Our current is-ness time is very precious. Since we can’t create time so, I wish we can be wiser in spending it.

PS. : Also wish you enjoy my writing, and please leave a comment below if you think it’s not that good. I found many inspirations to write from this one and only Marie Forleo, please check her out :



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