Put Your Self in The Game

Hi, Writing Junkies! I wish you nothing but constant flowing of stream of creativity

This Blog Post is dedicated for every other creative Gigs that still struggling to shout out their voice because of a lot of reason, but I am sure with every neuron in my brain that the reason is fears. Perhaps, we have to simultaneously give a reminder that EVERY CREATIVE ENDEAVOUR will elicit hesitance, and hesitance is another form of fears.

Fears by its definition means:

An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous,

likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

And if you ask why people who chose a creative Path, an unconventional path, the path that doesn’t give direct result but NECESSARY TO OUR SOUL is very likely to meet this demon called fears? The answer is very easy. It is because the more fears we feel, the more important the “thing” to our soul, to our life. And we know about creativity, it is not that easy and that is why it is a very important component for our soul.

I think there is no “enough” discussions for the “Personal-Growth” talk, since life is a long-run journey. Since every life has its path, purpose and stories so it deserves to be brought into existence. When it comes to personal growth, life’s purpose is really matters, it is like a compass that would bring you into the fullest expression that we might had. So, listening, following our life’s purpose is a “MUST” thing to do. I assume that I stress enough about having a life purpose and following it

In general, people knew about their life’s purpose after they had “The Call”. A moment where we really felt something inside us that urge to do something that will leave us an empowering sensation. An “AHA” moment. Well, another thing that I want to underline here is about the cost of entering the stage of creativity and following “The Call”. When we got this call, we need to pick it up and start the quest.

I recently got conversation with a friends that really want to do something, something meaningful for their soul, “Beyond the money and fame” thing but they just kept going back and forth then end up with never follow their call because of standard reason, “Fears”.

It is very sad that there’s still some people that reluctant to embrace their calling and be in the uncertainty to gain something more fulfilling in the future.

I do believe that deep down inside, every human being wants to live “The Ultimate” purpose of their life. There are a lot of common society problem that exists just because they haven’t reached their ultimate fulfillment in their life. They don’t want to be in the game, they’re too afraid of it.

Well, I am very happy to be a reminder for everyone out there that at some point of our life we have to face the Truth that we have to put our self in the game to accomplish something to. Otherwise, we are going to end up just as “A Spectator”. I wish that there is none of us that let our self, or someone close to be just act as “A Spectator”.

We have to put our self ON THE GAME if we want to accomplish some particular results. Moreover, by stepping in inside the game we are going to be challenged due to its certain rule, and condition. By putting our self in the game, it sorts of like trying a kind of life we want and give sometime until we ready enough to indicate whether the game is worth to our life and then we can make some decision.

There is always cost for everything, including creative endeavor. The cost that might came out for creative endeavor is “People’s Judgement”. If we really want to go through creative process, we need to be “Okay” with the fears like judgement, negative opinion from the outside, the possibility of failure. Those are some possible cost for entering the game but remember, after all of those ugly things, there is a possibility of fulfilling your soul. To get experience, to LIVE the life to the fullest.

So I wish whenever we encounter some fear when we follow the creativity, we pay the cost with patience and perseverance. Because we should know that by only putting our self in the game, we could gain experience and fulfill the hunger of our soul.

So Be in the game, Embark your life journey. To create an ultimate version of Our Self.


Embark your loud intuition and express it.







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