To Lean on Faith of Creativity

Creativity is a thing that inevitably takes part in every human’s life, whether we are aware of it or not, it is been existed inside us waiting to be unleashed. Human being is always intuitive and designed to be a creator. We can see the evidence of this theory by observing human babies, they will always be attracted to new thing and be wondered in a new vibe environment. And by the fact of our historical “Hero”, and by Hero I am talking about “Walt Disney, Isaac Newton, the late of our beloved Steve Job”, those are people who prove that Human do have the power of creativity.

I personally take creativity as something like a machine that urge me from within push me to do some action, give me an energy that makes have a sensation of “Dip in an Exctacy” that would turn me to do some destructive thing if I don’t use it to do valuable thing. From all of knowledge and experience that I gained, I can tell that creativity is something that always be around human. It lead us to our “Art of Work”, that make us happy, Content and That’s the definition of living. It is what pulls us each and everyday to do something with joy, otherwise what would we do, wandering around with no direction.

We, human, are prone to attracted to something that has more creativity “Juice” inside it.

After realizing that we do have creativity then we have to know that we need our platform to perform the creative works, like an artist, we need our stage. Writing is a tools for people who loves sharing stories as their weapon to stand by their cause, to create, to lid up the light of one being, to march people on their belief, to make a movement. Hence, Creative Product by every comprehension means a piece of art of that will not only attract but also lid up the inner system of a person. The message that is contained in a creative piece of product will urge people to do some action, it hook people up, touch them by the heart, and lift up the spirit of people who read it.  That is why, we can differentiate what book that only sell “Trashy product”, what is really “Talk” to us.

It takes effort from a creative process to create something that really deliver the message, not as easy as we boil an egg to yield the message. And it needs us, The Artist, to be patiently keep doing the work. To lean on our faith on our creative project, whether it is our book, our song. Then it is all about time to see the result of our creative endeavor. Because creative process will be mature by its time, our job is just to keep doing it day in , day out and patient for the progress.

For you out there, who might be in the process of making something that really truthful for your heart. I wish you nothing but patience and peace on doing it.



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