Getting Recharged

If you’re on the edge of the adult life, you may experience the phenomenon that you’re kinda pushing your self each and every day to do something. To go to the office, to get fit, to take care of you child maybe or you feel like pushing your self doing something “Routine”. Well, if this is happening, the likelihood that we’re lack of our drive system is very possible. You are UNCHARGED.

In the book based on neuroscience research written by Brandon Burchard (The Charged). It explains why people experiencing The Uncharged phenomenon, it is because what they have been doing every single moment has no creativity in it. By creativity, I mean their true, honest expression. To shout out to the world about their true voice so they feel matters.

Without true creative expression, everything will be just a routine and they felt not matters. That’s why they experience a rough time to get up in the morning and whining up all day and misery. They have no creativity in their routine and they turn into “A ZOMBIE”.
I said there is a common mistake in our society, especially, we, who live in EMERGING COUNTRIES. There are a lot of unwritten rules to be followed by every single kids, every single children about “HOW HUMAN SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIVE”. And this stink unwritten rules turn into a Blockage for human so they are afraid to follow their own expression. In my point of views, this rules create THE FEAR SOCIETY.

It is sad, because most of “The Adult” already gained their education. We, in the Economics major, we know about asymmetric information that will end up into MARKET FAILURE. In real life, if living a life that don’t scream our true expression could end up to a disaster. That’s the mediocre life emerged when the life doesn’t flame as it should be, because they don’t grow to their highest potential.

I think personal development is one of a major issue to be solved for each every one of us, especially people in their 20’s, if we want to develop our nation. Because we don’t want our children, or our children’s children live inside The Fear Society (that has been accidently made up by The Gen-X) and having that stink blockage to grow to their fullest potential. Because it is the human being that could change the society, it is the ultimate resource, not the other resources. And after all…..

“Your truth guidance system will always get back to you to urge to do your highest, fullest potential as a human being, no matter how oftentimes you ignore it.”


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