The serendipity theory

All my life’s chapter, as I can remember, I have never had such a thing called lucky. Everything that happened in my life is sort of like my effort combine with the result of God’s work. Based on the theory that I got through books or several self help’s book, the concept or term of “Lucky” is the meeting of well managed preparation and opportunity. So every single pages of my life’s chapter, I see a series of varies preparation lining up. Good enough preparation met quite good opportunity then I got a pretty good result, lack of preparation or maybe well enough preparation but not so much opportunity ended up with failure or not as I expected.

Experiencing series of failure sometimes positioned me in an overwhelming situation and stressed out and depressed. I let myself drown into a trap that I built by my own. That’s where I learnt that when I tried too hard and forces something with my ego, I refused the work of the universe to guide me into my right path and there is no winning situation on that.

Growing up, I learnt something called “Just let it go and let the universe do the work whilst we’ve given our best shot”, that’s the first time I knew about “Serendipity“. The fortunate accident which I take it as a form of surrender from one being after cleaned up all the messy stuff to reach the truthful stage of life is something that could save life from drowning and living in a shadow.

Have a faith that This Universe will provide us with whatever it is that WE NEED at the right time and the right order is a new concept that I take to live my life as I got a little mature now. I experienced by myself that it help the “Contentment/Happy/Peace” cells in my own body and soul after taking this concept.

Believe that the universe got my back and have patience to wait for the truthful outcome.

And as some anonymous said :

“The fortunate outcome will come to those who has patience to wait and wait without anxiety”

That’s how the serendipity theory came into my life.

How about you Dear Ones ? Have you ever got experienced with Fortunate accident ?



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